Residential and Mixed Use Maintenance and Remodeling

The Shines Group’s expertise in residential construction and remodeling projects is unparalleled. Whether it be a single-family home or a high-rise condominium complex, the Shines Group has the expertise to help clients through every step of the development and upkeep process. From cost estimating to risk mitigation and project controls, the Shines Group provides invaluable insight and guidance that make any residential project a success. Clients can rest assured knowing that they are in capable hands with the Shines Group by their side.

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If you desire to improve your commercial cleaning, disinfecting, or facility services, or require help with your program, the Shines Group is here to help.

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Since 2014, the Shines Group has been a shining example of excellence in providing unparalleled commercial cleaning, disinfecting and facility services. Our commitment to excellence has made us an industry leader and the first choice for businesses who value the highest standards in hygiene, health and safety.

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